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Just trying to get away.

Karin was still sore by the time she left the Kawashimas' temporary residence in Yokohama. Despite all that had happened, she was having a little trouble swallowing it all. It was taking time for all that information to process, for everything to sink in. After the battle at the Stone Platform, the entire group had returned to Yokohama to rest and recover. None of them had known what to do with Kato's body when all was said and done. Yuri finally decided to take him to the Foreigner's Cemetary and bury him next to Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima. Karin hadn't known either of them, but she still found it touching, in a way. She had mixed feelings about Kato now, but she thought it was nice that even though he couldn't be with Yoshiko in life, they could now rest together in death.

They had been back in Yokohama for a full twenty-four hours now. Everyone had washed and slept and eaten, and for the most part, they were quiet. Karin was glad that she wasn't the only one left a little numb after everything they'd been through. She had felt driven up until the end... and now she was just having trouble believing that any of it had been real at all. Thinking back, it all seemed so... surreal. Rasputin, Nicolai, Kato's threats to take the world back in time... they all seemed so far away now.

She moved slowly as she strolled through the streets of Yokohama, glad to get away from the rest of the team. On a normal day, she would have appreciated their company, but now all she was looking for was a little space. Some quiet time. Taking a walk was a nice way to stretch her legs and do some thinking all at the same time. The idle chatter of pedestrians surrounded her as she began to wander towards the outdoor market, but she managed to tune it out, too focused on her own thoughts and agenda to worry about what other people were saying.

She finally allowed herself to slow to a stop as she reached a small bridge crossing the river that ran through the city, laying her hands on the railing and looking down at her choppy reflection in the water. She withheld a sigh when she realized that she didn't even recognize herself anymore. What was she supposed to do now? What could any of them do? Was she supposed to go home? No... there was no more home to go to.

What now?
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