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Good morning, sunshine.

Laurel was only slightly surprised to find the dining room empty when she made her way downstairs the next morning. She wasn't quite sure about the individual sleeping habits of vampires, but since the species as a whole was said to be nocturnal, she guessed that neither Elissa nor Keith were exactly morning people. Having already packed her single bag of belongings, she dropped it next to the staircase and helped herself to a seat as Granny Lot approached.

"Breakfast, dear?"

The sandy-haired woman nodded with a smile. "Yes, please. Thank you. And some coffee, too, if it's not too much trouble?" she added, making herself as comfortable as possible while she waiting for either vampire to descend the stairs. She propped her foot up against the seat opposite her as Granny Lot nodded cheerfully in reply, bustling off to the small kitchen that stood just past the front counter.

Stretching out, Laurel let her arm rest along the back of the wide booth she had chosen, softly humming to herself as she waited for her new travelling companions. She was afraid she might have come off as grumpy the night before, maybe even a bit distant, but spending days tracking demons on foot without a hot shower or warm bed to break up the monotony made you a little irritable. Hopefully, they would forgive her. Her outlook on her new travelling situation had changed dramatically. She had been slightly hesitant before bed, but now, she was actually looking forward to getting to know this odd couple just a little bit better.

((Open to the Valentines!))
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