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It just doesn't make sense...

"Ahh, yes. I saw Kato too. Quite clearly, in fact. ... Forgive my rudeness. You aren't entirely to blame."

Nicolai's words stung Karin deeply. The tone of voice he'd used didn't help that, either. Of course he didn't see that she actually felt guilty about what had happened. She would never dare to be so open with anyone she considered an enemy. In all honesty, she probably wouldn't have been all that open with some of her closest friends, either. She didn't like admitting that in the end, she felt some strange pang of guilt and a heavy sense of remorse, all because of Nicolai. Therefore, she was determined to keep silent about it.

"Thank you," was all she said in response to his snide remark, her tone still cold and rigid. She didn't know what else to say. She'd never predicted she'd be in a situation quite like this one.

"I'm not entirely sure. And I'm not entirely sure I care."

Somehow, Karin found that hard to swallow, but she couldn't bring herself to push the subject. Something told her that it was best to let it be for now.

"So, what happened to Kato, anyway?"

That question she knew she could answer, and had no reservations in doing so.

"He's dead. That's all."

((Continued from here; tag to Nicolai.))
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