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A hard day's work.

It was late afternoon when Laurel reached Le Havre, her boots covered in dust from walking the unpaved roads outside the city. Her braided hair had fallen loose and was slightly tangled, her clothing unkempt, all signs that it had been quite some time since she'd had the luxury of a hot bath and a night in a real bed. She'd spent three weeks tracking a Sauvignon demon from London, and following the demon's trail had lead her to coastal France. She'd been hoping that this job wouldn't involve too much travel, but with the Sauvignon still loose and at large, it couldn't be helped. Her employer was paying her to see that this demon was put in its grave, and she would see it through to the end.

The rather large amount of money she'd been promised was more than enough to motivate her.

Determined as she was, she didn't feel like walking any more than evening, and taking a night off to eat something and rest in a real bed was far more appealing than standing out by the road and hoping to catch a ride from someone. After asking a few people on the street about the local lodgings, she finally made her way towards a small place on the northern side of town called The Seagull.

"Whatever the special is for the night, thanks," she said when the pub's elderly tendress came over to help her. When the old woman had left, Laurel sighed and leaned back in her chair, untying her braided hair and running her fingers through it a few times.

"Stupid Sauvignon. Any demon that takes this long to catch should be killed. Brutally," she grumbled to herself.
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