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Pondering choices...

The strange sensation signaling the start of something big had helped in dragging the Master of Blue Castle out of his crypt; now, a similar feeling that the big commotion had been overcome and the world settled down was nearly enough to make him want to investigate more closely. Note that picky word ‘nearly’. Due to that single word, Keith Valentine is still hanging about in Le Havre, flapping his silver wings calmly and contemplating the safety of his older brother.

Now, the mistake of thinking that his brother is the /only/ reason he’s leaving must not be made. Curiosity welled up inside the silver bat until he had the greatest urge to take off for countries unknown that moment. Instead, he landed, folding in his wings and glancing over at the children playing outside. Keith shared his brother’s affection for younger children and it amused him to watch them. Their base, human interaction made mortals seem quite likeable. For some strange reason, the way that John ran about yelling and punching reminded him of his good friend and the pressure to leave rose even higher when he considered that Yuri had been in that strange, possibly dangerous and certainly interesting, place as well.

However, there were always things to be done. He had a Lottery Society to run, and a castle to look after. The last time he’d neglected the castle it had become infested with monsters and he’d never be able to face the ancestors if they woke up to that while he was out and about. Of course, he was already out of the castle; ah, but only because of his other, very important, duties.

And so, here he was, in Le Havre, watching two human children pretend to wrestle each other. Hm, perhaps he could show them some better recreational activities.
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