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After walking along the streets of Yokohama for awhile, Karin finally made her way toward the small park on the east end of the city: a small, pleasant place that held a stabbing bit of familiarity for her. She sat down on the same bench she and Yuri had been seated on just a few short weeks before. She closed her eyes for a moment, thinking back to the conversation they'd had that day. She remembered it vividly, and a small part of her wished that she didn't.

She had bombarded him with questions, all in hopes of benefiting her own personal gain. She had almost irreverently asked him about Alice. She had asked him if he loved Alice, a daring question that she had already known the answer to. Secretly, she had hoped that the answer Yuri voiced would be different than the answer she already held in her heart... and even though Yuri had dodged the question and refused to answer, she knew the answer would have been the same. Yuri loved Alice. No matter what Karin herself believed, no matter what she thought to be true about her friendship with Yuri, Yuri would never look at her that way. Never.

It stung for a little while, until they had met Saki. Saki had helped so many loose ends come together. Sighing, Karin reached into her bag and fished around for a moment, finally pulling out a cracked and folded photograph with a little bit of smeared, Japanese script on the back. She swallowed hard as she unfolded and looked at the photo, still having trouble comprehending it all. The woman in the picture was very, very clearly her. The man beside her looked so much like Yuri... but she knew that it wasn't. No, Yuri was the third person in the photograph... the small child standing in front of her, if the writing on the back was to be believed, and Saki had given her every reason to think that it was.

Is that really me?

Her breath caught in her throat as a new wave of thoughts surfaced, and she folded the picture in half again before putting it back into her bag, careful to put it in a place where it wouldn't get crushed. It didn't make sense. Before they had fought Kato, she thought that it might... that if Kato had succeeded in bending time and space to his own will, she might be carried back to the past and become Anne... but that hadn't happened. Nothing had happened. She was still here. She was still Karin.

She hadn't spoken to Yuri about the picture yet. She wasn't sure that she ever would. She had asked him a number of questions about his mother that day, the same day she had asked about Alice. Part of her wanted to ask more -- to find out if she and Anne really were tied together, linked the way Saki had said they were.

The very thought of it made her head hurt.

"This is crazy," she sighed to herself, letting her hands fall limply into her lap. "Just crazy."

((Open to Nicolai whenever he's ready!))
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