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[26 Aug 2005|04:49pm]

[ mood | blank ]

The silver haired women rested her tired feet by sitting on a tall dumpster in the tightly closed alleyway, humming lightly to herself. She lightly stretched her delicate arms into the air, and rubbed her bare, pale sholders. Off she hopped off the dumpster and walked to the other side of the alleyway, with her arms down to her side and her eyes focused in one direction, which is staring into the wall. She reached out one of her dainty hands to feel the dull wooded wall, and turned to continue to walk to the warmest point, out of the alleyway.

Her eyes were blank, a light shade of grey and lack of pigment. She walked like she was always cautious of something, like there was always something around the corner ready to disembowel her...or something. Her skin was very pale, and her hair dark grey, she had a very pouty looking face, but was cute.

Her surroundings were very clear to her, they usually always were, a sixth sense of sort, but she felt as something was wrong, that something was going on. She quickly turned around only to be shoved on the ground, the dirty pavement scrraping her exposed legs and thighs. She saw the sunlight dissapear and a shadow overcame it. She heard a gruff voice, " Just gimme da money bitch, so no one gets hurt." She shuddered at the smell of alcohol and was on her backside, held up by her arms, with her eyes focused elsewhere.

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Good morning, sunshine. [11 Jul 2005|08:17pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Laurel was only slightly surprised to find the dining room empty when she made her way downstairs the next morning. She wasn't quite sure about the individual sleeping habits of vampires, but since the species as a whole was said to be nocturnal, she guessed that neither Elissa nor Keith were exactly morning people. Having already packed her single bag of belongings, she dropped it next to the staircase and helped herself to a seat as Granny Lot approached.

"Breakfast, dear?"

The sandy-haired woman nodded with a smile. "Yes, please. Thank you. And some coffee, too, if it's not too much trouble?" she added, making herself as comfortable as possible while she waiting for either vampire to descend the stairs. She propped her foot up against the seat opposite her as Granny Lot nodded cheerfully in reply, bustling off to the small kitchen that stood just past the front counter.

Stretching out, Laurel let her arm rest along the back of the wide booth she had chosen, softly humming to herself as she waited for her new travelling companions. She was afraid she might have come off as grumpy the night before, maybe even a bit distant, but spending days tracking demons on foot without a hot shower or warm bed to break up the monotony made you a little irritable. Hopefully, they would forgive her. Her outlook on her new travelling situation had changed dramatically. She had been slightly hesitant before bed, but now, she was actually looking forward to getting to know this odd couple just a little bit better.

((Open to the Valentines!))

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What's this? [17 May 2005|11:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Gepetto leaned heavily on his walking stick as he passed through the front door of the Kawashima's residence, just coming in from a long walk through the east end of town. He smiled when he spotted Yuri and Kurando in the middle of the main room, the corners of his eyes crinkling behind his dark glasses as he did so. "Well, nice to see--" he began, but then corrected himself, his smile fading.

"Why the long faces?" As far as he knew, they were all supposed to be taking some time to relax. They'd been through a lot the past few months. Now there was no danger to look forward to, no enemy hovering over them or breathing down their necks. They were supposed to be using this time to recover, to rest, to enjoy themselves -- but it looked like the two Harmonixers were back to their frowny selves.

"... somethin' going on the rest of us should know about?"

((Open to everyone -- Yuri, Kurando, Blanca, Joachim, Lucia, and Anastasia, please tag in!))

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It just doesn't make sense... [11 May 2005|10:41pm]

[ mood | confused ]

"Ahh, yes. I saw Kato too. Quite clearly, in fact. ... Forgive my rudeness. You aren't entirely to blame."

Nicolai's words stung Karin deeply. The tone of voice he'd used didn't help that, either. Of course he didn't see that she actually felt guilty about what had happened. She would never dare to be so open with anyone she considered an enemy. In all honesty, she probably wouldn't have been all that open with some of her closest friends, either. She didn't like admitting that in the end, she felt some strange pang of guilt and a heavy sense of remorse, all because of Nicolai. Therefore, she was determined to keep silent about it.

"Thank you," was all she said in response to his snide remark, her tone still cold and rigid. She didn't know what else to say. She'd never predicted she'd be in a situation quite like this one.

"I'm not entirely sure. And I'm not entirely sure I care."

Somehow, Karin found that hard to swallow, but she couldn't bring herself to push the subject. Something told her that it was best to let it be for now.

"So, what happened to Kato, anyway?"

That question she knew she could answer, and had no reservations in doing so.

"He's dead. That's all."

((Continued from here; tag to Nicolai.))

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A hard day's work. [03 Apr 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | tired ]

It was late afternoon when Laurel reached Le Havre, her boots covered in dust from walking the unpaved roads outside the city. Her braided hair had fallen loose and was slightly tangled, her clothing unkempt, all signs that it had been quite some time since she'd had the luxury of a hot bath and a night in a real bed. She'd spent three weeks tracking a Sauvignon demon from London, and following the demon's trail had lead her to coastal France. She'd been hoping that this job wouldn't involve too much travel, but with the Sauvignon still loose and at large, it couldn't be helped. Her employer was paying her to see that this demon was put in its grave, and she would see it through to the end.

The rather large amount of money she'd been promised was more than enough to motivate her.

Determined as she was, she didn't feel like walking any more than evening, and taking a night off to eat something and rest in a real bed was far more appealing than standing out by the road and hoping to catch a ride from someone. After asking a few people on the street about the local lodgings, she finally made her way towards a small place on the northern side of town called The Seagull.

"Whatever the special is for the night, thanks," she said when the pub's elderly tendress came over to help her. When the old woman had left, Laurel sighed and leaned back in her chair, untying her braided hair and running her fingers through it a few times.

"Stupid Sauvignon. Any demon that takes this long to catch should be killed. Brutally," she grumbled to herself.

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[16 Mar 2005|07:48pm]

[ mood | Lovey ]

"Come on, you guys, hurry up!"

It seemed amusing to most how the tiny princess bossed everyone around. Big and small, even the wolf seemed to fall mercy to the little one's command. Why would they actually listen? Who knows. Maybe because Anastasia was the rather stubborn, fiesty type. Or maybe they thought her little act was cute. Or maybe.. it was the good, switch kick to the butt she'd present to those who did not follow her orders.

"You guuuys.." Her voice whined as her pale pink lips formed a pout. She was rushing as fast as she could to the Kawashima residence. Of course she was, Kurando was there. And to her, they were like turtles. In all reality, the older dollmaker and the wolf weren't going all that slow, she was just rushing.

The faster they got there, the better. She brought her arms up to her chest and crossed them angrily as she stomped her left foot, the heel of her cream coloured boot making a 'click' sound as it connected to the ground impatiently. She never really knew how bossy or impatient she came off to be. She didn't mean to be such a pain, but she was a young girl, brought up in royalty. And rushing to the man of her dreams, so of course they needed to hurry!

Finally, the little princess turned back around and smoothed the blue crushed velvet of her coat. Only the best for the princess. It wouldn't be long now before they were at the Kawashima residence and she could see her darling Kurando once again.

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Pondering choices... [21 Feb 2005|12:44am]

[ mood | undecided ]

The strange sensation signaling the start of something big had helped in dragging the Master of Blue Castle out of his crypt; now, a similar feeling that the big commotion had been overcome and the world settled down was nearly enough to make him want to investigate more closely. Note that picky word ‘nearly’. Due to that single word, Keith Valentine is still hanging about in Le Havre, flapping his silver wings calmly and contemplating the safety of his older brother.

Now, the mistake of thinking that his brother is the /only/ reason he’s leaving must not be made. Curiosity welled up inside the silver bat until he had the greatest urge to take off for countries unknown that moment. Instead, he landed, folding in his wings and glancing over at the children playing outside. Keith shared his brother’s affection for younger children and it amused him to watch them. Their base, human interaction made mortals seem quite likeable. For some strange reason, the way that John ran about yelling and punching reminded him of his good friend and the pressure to leave rose even higher when he considered that Yuri had been in that strange, possibly dangerous and certainly interesting, place as well.

However, there were always things to be done. He had a Lottery Society to run, and a castle to look after. The last time he’d neglected the castle it had become infested with monsters and he’d never be able to face the ancestors if they woke up to that while he was out and about. Of course, he was already out of the castle; ah, but only because of his other, very important, duties.

And so, here he was, in Le Havre, watching two human children pretend to wrestle each other. Hm, perhaps he could show them some better recreational activities.

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Been out and about. [26 Jan 2005|02:35pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Yuri was surprised to find the Kawashima residence as quiet as it was when he got back, his hands deep in his pockets as he came in from his walk. Even after all that had happened, he wasn't tired. If anything, he was restless. He found himself uncomfortable, staying inside, and had decided to get out and stretch his legs for awhile. He hadn't seen much of the rest of the group since breakfast. Karin had gone off on her own, Joachim and Lucia were nowhere to be found, and who knew what Gepetto, Kurando, or Anastasia could be up to.

"Hey! Anyone else home?" he called, leaving the front door open behind him. "Huh... hey, since when did you all get so quiet? Seems like most of the time, I can't get any of you to shut up..."

He chuckled to himself and went to sit down at the low table in the main room, sitting crosslegged on one of the wide pillows that had been left there by Kawashima-san before he had left and loaned the house to the rag-tag group of would-be "adventurers."

Yuri found himself frowning when noone answered. Not even Blanca.

Where was everyone?

((Open to anyone at or returning to the Kawashima residence!))

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Remembering. [26 Jan 2005|02:13pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

After walking along the streets of Yokohama for awhile, Karin finally made her way toward the small park on the east end of the city: a small, pleasant place that held a stabbing bit of familiarity for her. She sat down on the same bench she and Yuri had been seated on just a few short weeks before. She closed her eyes for a moment, thinking back to the conversation they'd had that day. She remembered it vividly, and a small part of her wished that she didn't.

She had bombarded him with questions, all in hopes of benefiting her own personal gain. She had almost irreverently asked him about Alice. She had asked him if he loved Alice, a daring question that she had already known the answer to. Secretly, she had hoped that the answer Yuri voiced would be different than the answer she already held in her heart... and even though Yuri had dodged the question and refused to answer, she knew the answer would have been the same. Yuri loved Alice. No matter what Karin herself believed, no matter what she thought to be true about her friendship with Yuri, Yuri would never look at her that way. Never.

It stung for a little while, until they had met Saki. Saki had helped so many loose ends come together. Sighing, Karin reached into her bag and fished around for a moment, finally pulling out a cracked and folded photograph with a little bit of smeared, Japanese script on the back. She swallowed hard as she unfolded and looked at the photo, still having trouble comprehending it all. The woman in the picture was very, very clearly her. The man beside her looked so much like Yuri... but she knew that it wasn't. No, Yuri was the third person in the photograph... the small child standing in front of her, if the writing on the back was to be believed, and Saki had given her every reason to think that it was.

Is that really me?

Her breath caught in her throat as a new wave of thoughts surfaced, and she folded the picture in half again before putting it back into her bag, careful to put it in a place where it wouldn't get crushed. It didn't make sense. Before they had fought Kato, she thought that it might... that if Kato had succeeded in bending time and space to his own will, she might be carried back to the past and become Anne... but that hadn't happened. Nothing had happened. She was still here. She was still Karin.

She hadn't spoken to Yuri about the picture yet. She wasn't sure that she ever would. She had asked him a number of questions about his mother that day, the same day she had asked about Alice. Part of her wanted to ask more -- to find out if she and Anne really were tied together, linked the way Saki had said they were.

The very thought of it made her head hurt.

"This is crazy," she sighed to herself, letting her hands fall limply into her lap. "Just crazy."

((Open to Nicolai whenever he's ready!))

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Starting over. [25 Jan 2005|07:07pm]

Nicolai. Wake up.

It was dark and confined there in the depths of Mt. Fuji. The caverns within had filled themselves over with lava after the rites that meddler Kato had performed, leaving many parts of the sacred mountain both solid and impenetrable. One tiny space remained hollow, a small space that encompassed the bloodstained, white-robed body of Cardinal Nicolai Conrad.

You've had more than enough time to sleep.

No mountain prison would ever hold Astaroth. He was far, far beyond that. Whatever faint echo of the demon that remained was working hard to breathe new life into its former host, determined to have his faithful puppet walk again. Nicolai had let himself become corrupted by his power before. Astaroth would not let that happen again. He was determined to put himself in control this time, and the first thing he would once he was corporeal once more...

... would be to exterminate those insects that had foiled his plans and pissed all over his ambitions.


((Open to Nicolai.))
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[20 Jan 2005|06:23pm]
Kurando knitted his eyebrows. He could sense a sense of melancholiness among everyone in the past couple of days. He knew that feeling too. However, there was another sensation, a feeling of something amiss.

He had already contacted his mother. A few more days time and he would be at Inugami Village.
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[19 Jan 2005|11:49pm]

Lucia twirled, staring at the mirror in her room. Usually, dancing made her feel liberated. Today, there was no such feeling.

She sighed and sat down, then stared at a vial on the dresser. What was she going to do now? Everything was over and there was no need for her to stay. A very nice man called Lawrence had proposed to her too. Lucia had always wished to wear a wedding dress.

And yet, it just...didn't feel right. Now that she had seen a world outside the gypsy tent, Lucia had no idea how to react to it.

It was getting more and more confusing. She ruffled her hair, then stood up and walked down to the main hall. Lucia hated thinking so hard.

The room was quiet. Only Joachim stood there.

"Hey Joachim! What are you doing there?" Lucia tapped him lightly with a giggle. Thinking was just too stressful.

>> tag joachim
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Just trying to get away. [14 Jan 2005|01:38am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Karin was still sore by the time she left the Kawashimas' temporary residence in Yokohama. Despite all that had happened, she was having a little trouble swallowing it all. It was taking time for all that information to process, for everything to sink in. After the battle at the Stone Platform, the entire group had returned to Yokohama to rest and recover. None of them had known what to do with Kato's body when all was said and done. Yuri finally decided to take him to the Foreigner's Cemetary and bury him next to Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima. Karin hadn't known either of them, but she still found it touching, in a way. She had mixed feelings about Kato now, but she thought it was nice that even though he couldn't be with Yoshiko in life, they could now rest together in death.

They had been back in Yokohama for a full twenty-four hours now. Everyone had washed and slept and eaten, and for the most part, they were quiet. Karin was glad that she wasn't the only one left a little numb after everything they'd been through. She had felt driven up until the end... and now she was just having trouble believing that any of it had been real at all. Thinking back, it all seemed so... surreal. Rasputin, Nicolai, Kato's threats to take the world back in time... they all seemed so far away now.

She moved slowly as she strolled through the streets of Yokohama, glad to get away from the rest of the team. On a normal day, she would have appreciated their company, but now all she was looking for was a little space. Some quiet time. Taking a walk was a nice way to stretch her legs and do some thinking all at the same time. The idle chatter of pedestrians surrounded her as she began to wander towards the outdoor market, but she managed to tune it out, too focused on her own thoughts and agenda to worry about what other people were saying.

She finally allowed herself to slow to a stop as she reached a small bridge crossing the river that ran through the city, laying her hands on the railing and looking down at her choppy reflection in the water. She withheld a sigh when she realized that she didn't even recognize herself anymore. What was she supposed to do now? What could any of them do? Was she supposed to go home? No... there was no more home to go to.

What now?

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